A major drive in all the years that I have worked was to be able to retire in a place that I wanted to be for the remainder of my life journey. Hawaii was always a contender, but increasingly more costly and more isolated from family and friends. When I discovered Ventura this last September (after searching with an open mind much of the American hemispheres), I was delighted. Within a couple of days, I knew and felt that Ventura was where I needed and wanted to be. Then finding my dream home was more than I expected – a great house and a great location all in one. The process of bringing that to fruition has been arduous to say the least. You have been hard-working beyond belief to make this possible. I would not have been able to achieve it without you. I am profusely thankful for having you on my team – you are my personal hero!
– Don D.

Thank you so much for all your help in getting us our mortgage so that we could buy our first home. We had such a pleasant experience during such a big event in our lives. I feel you are so knowledgeable, which made me comfortable in working with you and knowing what to expect. We are very happy in our new home and we will definitely refer you to family and friends, and also work with you again.
– Sandra S.

Thank you and your team for all of the hard work for getting me to the finish line. I am so excited about my new home and I cannot express my gratitude for your willingness to help me get my dream home. It really is amazing!
– Mike S.

Thank you for everything you did so that we could buy this home. We LOVE it! And it truly would not have happened if not for YOU. Thanks for your time, effort, and great energy. You’ve really made an enormous, positive difference!
– Bernie M.

Lynda was amazing! She and her staff created a smooth and efficient process and their support was incredible! Thank you!
– Dorothy P.

We have been so busy with everything that we haven’t had the opportunity to thank you yet for your patience and the hard work you put in to help us get into our new home! While we were confused by some of the hoops we had to jump through, the bottom line is that we have our keys and are already at work making the property our home. You had a GREAT deal to do with helping us get to that bottom line and we are very grateful. . . . Thanks again for everything.
– Doyle H.

I can’t remember ever having such an enjoyable experience refinancing in the past . . . thanks to you. I really appreciate all that you’ve done. I will continue to recommend your services at every opportunity.
– Doug M.

Yippee! “The loan has funded” – it’s so nice to see that in writing . . . the words we’ve been waiting for! You have no idea how happy we are! Thank you for all your help.
– Rasetra H. & Beverly S.